Bromine Tablets Hot Tub Swimming Pool Blue Horizons 5kg

Bromine Tablets Hot Tub Swimming Pool Blue Horizons 5kg

Bromine Tablets Hot Tub Swimming Pool Blue Horizons 5kg

Bromine Tablets Hot Tub Swimming Pool Blue Horizons 5kg. Bromine is a popular alternative to chlorine as a sanitiser. Blue Horizons Bromine Tablets are applied via a chemical feeder (Brominator) to maintain bromine levels in your swimming pool at the ideal level of 2 - 4mg/l (ppm).

As bromine has a lower odour than chlorine, it is especially popular for indoor swimming pool use. Ideal bromine range: Pools: 2 - 4mg/l (ppm), Spas: 3 - 5mg/l (ppm). These Blue Horizons Bromine Tablets are ideal for daily dosing of your swimming pool or spa, to produce free active bromine which kills bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms. These tablets are designed for use with bromine feeders and floating dispensers. Ensure tablets used in the feeder are of the same chemical (Bromo-Chloro-Dimethyl Hydantoin).

If other materials have been used previously, wash out feeder thoroughly before adding tablets. Adjust feeder to ensure a constant bromine residual is present in the pool or spa. Check bromine levels regularly with a Test Kit and maintain a bromine residual of 2-4mg/l (ppm) for domestic pools, 3 - 5 mg/l (ppm) for domestic spas and 4 - 6 mg/l (ppm) for commercial spas. Check pH value regularly with a Test Kit and maintain levels between 7.2 - 7.6.

Note: It is recommended that you periodically e. Fortnightly shock or oxidise your water, using Blue Horizons Non Chlorine Shock or Pool Fusion. Clearance items will remain online while stocks last, even if there is just one left.

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Bromine Tablets Hot Tub Swimming Pool Blue Horizons 5kg